Spinach, lettuce, and other greens grown for MAXimum nutrition, MAXimum taste, MAXimum freshness, MAXimum value, MAXimum non-GMO. Contact Max Scheske for more information.

We supply fresh greens for home or restaurant delivery. We grow to order: If you want a large quantity of a particular green, let us know a few months ahead of time and we’ll grow it.

Get on our text list for produce notices: 269-625-6511.
Or get on our email list: sturgisgreens@gmail.com.

Now offering: Produce Stand on Arthur Street, in Sturgis, Michigan. Until we have a regular supply, hours will be sporadic, but we are normally out there on Saturday mornings, sometimes “manned” (“maxxed?”) by Max or a sibling, sometimes self-serve (honor system). Also look for us at the TSC Sturgis Farmers Market.